Co-production 2016


Aixó no es televisió

Duration: 90 min

Directed by: Eduardo Gión
Coordinated and produced by: Eduardo Gión and Victor Guerrero
Stage manager: Victor Guerrero / David Cano
Performers: Victor Guerrero, David Cano, Gilda Love, Brigitte Lamour and Compañía Cocoteva
Stage design: Victor Guerrero
Music and video: Lucía Martínez 

Co-produced by Antic Teatre and GREC 2016 Festival, Barcelona


A hypothetical scenario places us in an independent Catalonia during the filming of a magazine programme for the main television channel at peak broadcasting time.

The most ridiculous situations and the most unlikely anecdotes take place between the programme’s mediator, the presenter, and the guest artist, all mixed up with the set crew who are, for the most part, immigrants from neighbouring Spain.

Eduardo Gión
Film and theatre director, documentalist.
He has worked as assistant director on short and feature films in 35mm.
He created the party based on underground horror cinema event “Transilvania Club” together with film maker Luis Macías and musicians XSDJ.
He writes and produces articles for magazines, including Candy, Paraíso, and Odda.
His documentaries have been screened at film festivals such as Sitges, Portland and New York.

Víctor Guerrero
Was educated at the French Lycée and went on to study Fine Arts.
He specialised in the Grotowsky method and in singing and dance.
This led him to the world of cabaret in the 70s and 80s, where he became one of the stellar figures as master of ceremonies and presenter.
He has worked in the best venues and cabarets, becoming a well-known and respected name throughout the profession as well as developing a unique style. 

Gilda Love
Mythical icon of Barcelona at its most rebellious and sleazy in the 70s y 80s.
Home-grown drag queen who has performed in the most emblematic cabarets of Barcelona and París.
She is a MYTH. 

Brigita Lamoure
One of the most genuine drag acts currently around, her comic character has reached the hearts of BTV viewers.
She is also a member of mythical Catalan drag group “The Chanclettes”. 

Compañía Cocoteva
Emerged in 2012 under the direction of Xavier Villena; more than 15,000 spectators have enjoyed their art. Collaborators with “El desplume”.
Art and colour.


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