Co-production 2015


GUERRILLA: Electronic Session

Duration: 45 min

Idea and creation: El Conde de Torrefiel
Directors: Tanya Beyeler and Pablo Gisbert
Text: Pablo Gisbert
Lightning : Octavio Más
Music:Pink Elephant on Parade
Photography: Rebeca Praga

Special guests

Thanks to: Flare Festival Manchester, Festival Inmediaciones de Pamplona, La Fundición de Bilbao, Adriantic /Antic Teatre and Espai Nyam-Nyam, Barcelona

A crowd dances at an electronic music session. Meanwhile, projected on the screen, the audience observe their thoughts about the world that surrounds them. El Conde de Torrefiel is creating a series of pieces called Guerrilla to be premiered in the summer of 2015. Guerrilla are short pieces that attack the relationship between the actions of the masses and individual thought; performative encounters in which the audience observes another, fictionified audience. To date, Guerrilla has been: a cycle of conferences at Nyam Nyam of Barcelona; a conference on stage in Manchester; a concert in Pamplona and another in Barcelona. At Antic Teatre, it will be an electronic music session.

How to translate contemporary reality on stage? Pablo Gisbert and Tanya Beyeler head the project El Conde de Torrefiel, whose pieces are the result of an oscillation between literature, visual arts and choreography that aim to transcend the parameters of spoken language. Their most recent works focus exclusively on the 21st century and look at the existing power struggles between individuals and their political background, between the new forms of totalitarianism and intellectual alienation, and between the sense of responsibility and personal freedom. Currently El Conde de Torrefiel is working in the creation of a new piece to be premiered at CDN of Madrid within the cycle “The place without limits. Dramaturgy in movement”, curated by Teatro Pradillo, and in Catalonia as part of the TNT Festival in Terrassa.


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