February 4-7, 2021

Domichovsky & Agranov


Antic for kids!
Thursday, February 4th at 8pm
Friday, February 5th at 8pm
Saturday, February 6th at 8pm
Sunday, February 7th at 8pm

Familiar session:
Sunday, February 7th at 11am
Recommended age: over 6 y/o
Duration: 60 min
Tickets: 12 euros ONLINE // 15 euros BOX OFFICE

Familiar session:
5€ kids / 7€ adults ONLINE & BOX OFFICE
(under 5 y/o, fre e admission)

Please be aware that if you think you may be returning home between 10 and 11pm at night, you need to be in possession of an own-responsibility certificate before coming to Antic Teatre. You can obtain one through the following link: https://certificatdes.confinapp.cat/#/

Original concept: Sasha Agranov and Pablo Domichovsky
Outside eye: Karl Stets, Piero Steiner, Jose Luis Redondo and Jorge Albuerne
Photography: Laura Soriano.
Video: Abel Moreno, Philipa Young



A Gypsy tear of laughter in the eye of the world.
This circus/street theatre show is for indoors and outdoors, day or night, for all audiences, all ages, races, and genders.
A pair of Gypsy childhood friends invite the audience to help them settle their travelling home and their hearts in the streets or theatre of their town.
You are invited to take part in an absurd mix of humour, circus acrobatics and visual poetry, all brought to life by skilful live music from a cello that awakens the emotions and allows the audience to identify with the group and with Domchovsky and Agranov’s friendliness.
The art of throwing knives and axes that cut through wood with a sound like a cello cutting the air.
In real life, two real artists share Russian heritage and the hard legacy of 150 years of Gypsy life. The number 150 is repeated throughout the show: the well-known Babushka figure, the ever-present grandmother, is 150. 150 years of heavy smoking while playing the double bass. 150 years of love for Gypsy music and art.
The everyday rituals of culture and music are the base for this show, and are used to ask for forgiveness, for rain or sun, for a life of adventure. With delicacy and elegance we invite you to take part in our Gypsy dreams.

A beautiful house on the streets of the world. A home filled with music, art, and friendship…

The Domichovsky Agranov Company was created in 2017 by Pablo Domichovsky (Argentina) and Sasha Agranov (Israel, Russia), both immigrant children of immigrants who met up in Barcelona, each with their own long and established artistic career.

Their first show, Davaiii, used humour, circus, theatre, and live music to introduce personal anecdotes and tales from their own family baggage, which are recognisably universal narratives because, after all, every one of us has been or will be an immigrant at some point.

Pablo Domichovsky. Artista de circ i actor, format a l’Equador, Madrid, França, Cuba i Barcelona, ​​especialitzat en equilibris i llançament de ganivets. L’any 2007 crea la companyia de circ Los Caneca, amb la qual treballa fins al 2015. Després va realitzant petites creacions col·lectives com Buit, peça de ports acrobàtics i teatre. L’espectacle de circ musical titulat On estem. Participa en la producció de l’espectacle estrellats on també participa com a actor i acròbata. En l’actualitat col·labora en l’espectacle Rebota, rebota i en la teva cara explota d’Agnés Mateus i Quim Tarrida.

Sasha Agranov is a musician and actor, trained in Israel and the Netherlands as a cellist and in electronic composition. He plays and records regularly with groups such as Piccola Orquestra Gagarin, Iniche, in a duet with Guinea Bissau born singer and poet Mu Mbana, and with band Nihan & The Single Camels.

He has shared a stage with artists such as Patti Smith and CINEMA dub MONKS. He has composed soundtracks for short films including Away, by Iranian artist Parisa Ae; Nation for Two by Dutch artists Hertog Nadler; The Guardian by N9ve; and Fugir de l’oblit by Abel Moreno. He has also composed music for dance shows by choreographers Lali Aiguade and Jordi Mas. He has worked on circus projects with companies Circ Panic, Colectivo Tierra, Cacophonic Pictures Orqestar, Donde estamos, Anécdotas Anatómicas, and Circus Delirium. Most recently he has acted in stage theatre production Europa Bull by Compañía Indigest, and at TNC (2019).

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