May 22nd

Diana J. Torres and Eloy Fernández Porta

Book launch for "Vomitorium"

Book launch
Thursday 22nd May - 19:00
Duration: 2 hores
Free entrance

Feminism, anarchism, literature, activism

Vomitorium is the latest book by Diana J. Torres (author of Pornoterrorismo and Coño Potens). In it, as the title suggests, Diana purges herself of years of a surfeit of fighting against the system and feminism in particular. A lot of things are done really badly and the solution is not to stop doing them but to do them another way. How we eat, how we take drugs, how we love, fuck, make money, communicate: all of it is rotten and needs to be changed if we want it to start working again.

This book is an enraged manifesto for change, an uncontrolled and acidic regurgitation that was written with the very beautiful aim of putting a stop to the errors of the past, of leading better lives and having better relations with our political struggles.

Diana is launching her book and at the same time opening up a dialogue with the audience that aims to be an open and constructive discussion on the themes within it.

She is accompanied by writer and performer Eloy Fernández Porta.

Diana J. Torres (Madrid, 1981) is a feminist activist, writer, producer and performer whose work is centred on ideas relating to the body, sexuality and gender, and, more recently, on an insider´s critique of the anti-establishment movements to which she belongs.

She has written Pornoterrorismo (2011, Txalaparta), Coño Potens (2013, Txalaparta) and Vomitorium (2017). She and Lucía Egaña have been organising post-porn festival La Muestra Marrana since 2007. 

Eloy Fernández Porta holds a doctorate in Humanities from the Pompeu Fabrá University. He has published four cultural criticism essays with publishers Anagrama, the most recent entitled Emociónese así (Ciutat de Barcelona award). He collaborates with Jot Down, Rockdelux, A*Desk and Núvol.

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