7-10 September 2023

Ninyas de papá

Coses a fer perquè m'escoltin: despullar-me, morir.

Thursday, 7th September at 8 pm
Friday, 8th September at 8 pm
Saturday, 9th September at 8 pm
Sunday, 10th September at 8 pm
Languages: Catalan and spanish
Duration: 80 minutos
Tickets: 14 euros ONLINE // 16 euros BOX OFFICE

Recommended age: +12 years old

WARNING: this play contains strobe lights, loud music and direct interaction with the audience

Dramaturgy and direction: Raquel Díez
Assistant directors: Xicu Masó and Eduard Molner
Performance assistant: Berta Cardona
Stage assistant: Francisco Javier Ortega
Performers: Júlia Roch, Carla Font, Berta Cardona and Raquel Díez
Choreography: Gala Lòpez
Lightscape: Taïna Marquès and Joan-Carles Ros
Soundscape: Mariona Marí, Roger Font, Iris Medina and Laura Iglesias
Video: Victor Garcia, Alex Moral
Illustration design: Rosa Hermoso
Set: Pau Sanromà
Production: Carla Font, ERAM.


Coses a fer perquè m’escoltin; despullar-me, morir (Things to do to be heard; to undress, to die) is a response to and a warning against disaster, a compilation of conversations, a cry for help, an image set in motion with an obvious engine: four women have planted a bomb. A show that manifests as a self-parody featuring metaphor, a vector for the melding of fiction and artificiality, a polyphonic piece for four voices, an escape from transcendency and poetry, a flagship for avantgarde aesthetics, close to punk. It’s been 24 hours since they locked themselves in the theatre and it’s in the last moments, an hour before the blast, that they open the doors, providing the opportunity for a press conference in order to explain what it is they’re after.

Niñas de Papá is a collective that started out in 2019 with the aim of creating performance-based work. As a collective we like to think we go beyond dramatic creation: we are researchers in new, contemporary performance, activists, a musical group, a group of friends; but above all, we’re four actors who have found somewhere that acts as loudspeaker and as a place for active transformation. The members of the collective are Raquel Díez, Berta Cardona, Júlia Roch and Carla Font.

Roger Font Sales
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