15-18 June 2023

Cia. El desvío

La (des)espera

#Bonnes- cèniques
Thursday, 15th June at 8 pm
Friday, 16th June at 8 pm
Saturday, 17th June at 8 pm
Sunday, 18h June at 8 pm

Strobe lights are used in this show

Languages: Catalan, Spanish
Duration: 50 min
Tickets: 14 euros ONLINE // 16 euros BOX OFFICE

Creation and performance: Sílvia Cepero, Iris Claramunt and Claudia Auzinger
Sound design and technician: Ola Witalisz and Delia Domínguez
Lighting design and technician: Álvaro Castillo
Costume design: Roberta Modena

With the support of: Centre Cívic Teixonera, La Bonne and Antic Teatre (Bonnescèniques 2023)


Waiting. We’re stuck in a maze with no way out, swinging between apathy and despair. Busy lines, songs on loop, faceless voices, machines with invented faces, seconds, minutes, hours given to constant frustration, directions with no roads, roads with no directions. An obstacle course where the finish line seems ever further and unattainable.

La desespera tackles the often-experienced rigidity and absurdity of bureaucratic institutions that reflect the deformation of an inhuman administration system. An excessive structure of procedures that make people feel impotence and resignation.

El Desvío collective emerged in Barcelona, and is made up of Sílvia Cepero, Iris Claramunt and Claudia Auzinger. Their focus is the development of projects involving dance, investigating how this can become a tool for reflection, analysis and protest.

As the name suggests, El Desvío (the divergence) is the result of a change of direction in the lives of its members, two from Barcelona and one from Vienna, who decided to diverge from their professional careers and dedicate themselves wholly to dance and creation. Performers and creators, they carry out their own creations both individually and collectively.

Enric Barba Solé
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