October 4th

Bruc Brothers Company

El Monstre de Colors va a l’escola

Antic for kids!
Sunday, June 7th at 12am

Recommended age: 4-8 years old
Duration: 45 min


Authors: Anna Llenas, Christophe Sainsot Tintou
With: Silvia Dotti, Christophe Sainsot Tintou
Technician: Ismael Lopez de los Mozos

The Color Monster has returned! This nice character born from the imagination of Anna Llenas helps from 2012 children around the world to understand and put words to their emotions. Having been translated into more than 20 languages, the beloved Monster returns with a new adventure, and what an adventure! Going to school!

Set in music by Christophe Sainsot Tintou, the Bruc Brothers Company begins its cycle “Do, Re Mi, to read!”. With the aim of promoting reading, the company proposes a musical and interactive reading of the work. An actress / singer tells the story while Christophe puts on the musical part. Both sing songs illustrating and expanding the narrative of the story.

Anna Llenas liked to go to school to learn, yes, but above all to draw. Grown up, she became a graphic designer and worked on advertising. A good day she decided that she wanted to make those pretty drawings again and she left everything to dedicate herself to the publishing world. Since then she has not stopped making stories. Her first written and illustrated book was The Color Monster (2012) in which she explained in a simple and graphical way the primary emotions for parents and little ones. Years later, she is a well-known author and her books are read and loved by children around the world.

At the same time that Ana created the Monster of Colors Christophe Sainsot Tintou founded the Bruc Brothers Company with the objective of proposing to the young children original, musical and multilingual theater open on other cultures and the desire to learn. In six years Christophe has written six plays and for the first time put his music on a story that is not his own, seduced by the sympathy of a Monster who is afraid to go to school …

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