Co-production 2015


Este lugar entre: Prethink and free action

Duration: 50 min

Devised and directed by: Bea Fernández Artistic consultant: Carmelo Salazar
Lighting: Cube
Costumes: Jorge Dutor

Choreography: Bea Fernández and Carmelo Salazar
Performed by: Clara Tena
Musical construction: Carmelo Salazar

Choreography: Bea Fernández
Performed by: Oihana Altube
Musical construction: Carmelo Salazar

Choreography: Bea Fernández
Performed by: Clara Tena and Oihana Altube
Musical construction: Carmelo Salazar

Produced by Bea Fernández with the support of La Poderosa

Coproduced by Graner and Antic Teatre

With the support of: La Poderosa, L’Animal a l’esquena, Teatro Leal Lav, Teatro Pradillo

Special thanks:
Javier Vaquero, Oihana Altube, Clara Tena, Carmelo Salazar, ARTAS, Mónica Pérez, Jorge Dutor, Las Fernández and all those who have accompanied me throughout this process.

3 choreographies for two performers who inhabit physicalities created in the context of my research project Muy Experimental (Very Experimental), which so far has resulted in these three pieces or movements where the body is observed in its state of being and existing. This unfinished body comes with no guarantees; rather it becomes itself within the schism — possibility and potential — in among all the additives suggested in this open choreography.

Solo A _ Prethink and free action
Solo B _Danza original, símbolos pop y Oihana
Dúo C_ Este lugar entre

Bea Fernández is cofounder of the Las Santas collective and artistic codirector of La Poderosa, a space for performance research and creation in Barcelona. She studied Contemporary Dance and Choreography at the Institut del Teatre of Barcelona and furthered her studies at the Center for Movement Research (New York). She has performed with Danat Danza and worked very closely with choreographer Carmelo Salazar between 1998 and 2004, taking part in such works as Europa no es una puta; Espaciales; and El Salón dorado. Her own solos include Escorzo (2004), I have a dream (2006) and Cuerpo en escena in collaboration with Olga Mesa. In 2008 she developed a project based on the figure of the performer as memory and living archive, which generated two formats: audiovisual document Los que se ven entre si and performance piece Tres personas, todos los cuerpos. She is currently developing Muy experimental, a research project that aims to become a constructive reality for creators.


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