May 31 and June 1

AZKONA&TOLOZA and 4th YEAR ARTS STUDENTS from Pau Claris Secondary School


Friday, May 31st at 8pm
Saturday, June 1st at 8pm
Duration: 50 min
Free entrance

Languages: Catalan, Spanish, Mandarin, Urdu, English and Italian
Photography: Noa

A concept devised by Azkona&Toloza for the En residencia project run by the Barcelona Institute of Culture (ICUB) and the Education Consortium of Barcelona (CEB).

With: Carl Angelo Agliam Obaña, Mar Jason Barba Mendez, William Josue Cruz Dubon, Esmeralda Marcos Irias, Judith Martínez García, Paula Quintanilla Aribó, Bowen Shi, Rhudeen Verazon Andres, Majid Ali Aslam Ali, Zaira Andrea Cano Salazar, Aleix Duchel Provins, Virginia Mazzarino, Emon Mohamed Ahtasam, Esteisi Octavianna Perez Mendez, Andi Javier Pérez, Geomar Ramos Aquino, Muhammad Shahzaib Shoaib Akhter, Omar Yaser Anguel, Angelis Mendez and professor Xavier Calvo

With support from Semolina Tomic, Elisabeth Ruiz, Carles Giner and the education community of Pau Claris secondary school (IES)


What if your particular story were nothing more than the sum of all our stories?
What if there was never really a you outside of us?
By the way, now that you’re going, will you remember us in a few months’ time?
One last thing before you go, could you lend me some dosh? I promise I won’t forget I owe you.

Splitting their time between Barcelona, Pamplona and the Atacama Desert, Azkona&Toloza are a pair of artists devoted to the creation of live arts projects where they try and recover the tools of contemporary creation to reinterpret and rewrite our common history.
Admirers of the performance possibilities of My First Sony, in addition to developing their projects either together or on their own Azkona&Toloza have worked, among others, alongside perfomer Sònia Gómez, performance director Roger Bernat and Mexican documentary theatre company Lagartijas Tiradas al Sol.

For this project they are joined by 18 4th year arts students from Pau Claris secondary school in Barcelona. 18 stories and 18 biographies that don’t fit in this space.

Since 2009, ICUB and CEB have been developing Creadors EN RESiDÈNCiA at secondary schools around Barcelona. The programme aims to introduce contemporary creation to public education centres through direct and continued contact between a creator and the students. Antic Teatre is taking part as mediator for the second year running. During the 2017-2018 school year, artist Mariona Naudin and the students of IES Besòs produced a performance piece, Lo que nos quita el sueño, that was shown at Antic Teatre on June 10th, 2018.

All the information on the current process with Azkona&Toloza and alumni from the Pau Claris Institute can be found on the EN RESiDÈNCIAwebsite.

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