February 24-27, 2022

Las Huecas

Aquellas que no deben morir

Thursday, February 24th at 8 pm
Friday, February 25th at 8 pm
Saturday, February 26th at 8 pm
Sunday, February 27th at 8 pm
Duration: 60 min
Tickets: 12 euros ONLINE // 15 euros BOX OFFICE

Creation: Col·lectiu Las Huecas

Performers: Júlia Barbany, Esmeralda Colette, Núria Coromines, Andrea Pellejero.

Technician: Sofía A. Martori

Sound design and musical composition: Adrià Girona and Sofía A. Martori

Light design: Ana Rovira

Artifacts: Dani García

Grieving processes adviser: Júlia S. Cid, from Som Provisionals Collective

Mortuary adviser: Núria Isern

Production: Esther Fernandes

Photography: Roc Pont

Co – production:

La Infinita de l’Hospitalet (L’Hospitalet de Llobregat)

Antic Teatre (Barcelona)

Festival TNT (Terrassa)



“Those that should not die” is a project that approaches the idea, management and economy of death. In an hedonistic and hyperpositive society that glorifies youth and delays the reality of finitude, we proffer to explore the social and political structures that govern death in order to enable tools that disrupt the dominant speech. At the center of the creation of the project ran into a global paradigm shift that shaked us in all fields of life.

 The global pandemic that shakes the foundations of Western societies, has generated an inoculation of collective panic in relation to a neglected maxim: we were not eternal. Our proposal is to configure a scenic hypothesis that mocks panic and the commercialization of affections, through retaking the language and dynamics of ritual, questioning the institutionalization of death and also, therefore, of life itself.

Las Huecas emerged in 2016 from the desire to create performance pieces collectively. As a collective, we have embraced a range of identities: ethnographic researchers, punk band and fanzine artists, although basically we’re four actresses, a technician and a producer. We’ve performed in public spaces, in building lots, in theatres, at alternative concert venues and streamed on Instagram. To us, the relationship between where we perform and our performance decisions is therefore very important. Our work engages with the biographical body and its inevitable links to the body politic, and therefore with our privileged condition in having the stage as a platform. Our ideology involves recognising these material conditions, using the aesthetics of separation and banishing the real from an unstable being-on-stage, exposed to the precarity of the body and its circumstances and to the open-ended game of theatrical code, which we could describe as the poetisation of failure or the performance of permanent retreat.

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