Antic Production 2014

Agnés Mateus

Hostiando a M

On tour:

Thursday 2nd February
- Teatre Modern - El Prat de Llobregat
Duration: 90 min.
Tickets: 10 euros ONLINE // 12 euros BOX OFFICE


Devised, directed and performed by: Agnés Mateus
Direction and creation assistant: Quim Tarrida
Lighting design: Miriam Ubanet
Video and sound: Quim Tarrida
Costumes: Nieves Casquete and Agnés eme
Music: Difícil Equilibrio, Herp Albert, Burt Bacharach, Oleg Kostrow, Quim Tarrida.
With collaboration from Ismael Mengual, Ferdy Esparza, Raul de Alba and Jonathan Vidal.

Thanks to Difícil Equilibrio, Ismael Mengual, Joan Coll, Media Flow, Larry, Joaquim Gil, Judit Saula, Finques Gual, Ateneu Cooperatiu La Base, Ferdy Esparza, Raul de Alba and Jonathan Vidal.
Hostiando a M is a co-production between Antic Teatre and Festival Escena Poblenou.

With collaboration from Festival GREC 2014.


Agnés Mateus is a performer and multidisciplinary artist who has worked with Colectivo General Eléctrica, Roger Bernat, Rodrigo García and Juan Navarro. On this, her first work as creator, she has collaborated with artist Quim Tarrida.

After such a long time playing with others, learning from them, we’re ready to say what we think. With the help of Quim Tarrida, for the first time I’m looking at the creation process for a piece. Creating as invention, as a tool for thought, as a space from which to talk inside whatever world I’m comfortable in. But basically and most importantly, to use myself and the public space that is the stage to talk about emotions and feelings to the people I have in front of me.

Sentences I have taken from real life:
I have a difficult relationship with reality.
We’re submerged in a festival of problems.
Shooting is just routine, a series of steps endlessly repeated.
I have a natural predisposition for hatred. We need to hate ourselves.
Thinking positive to ease pain has the opposite effect.
Nature can’t help us, but culture hasn’t saved us either.
Letting off a firearm sets off the same chemical reactions in the brain as a passionate kiss.
Fuck your fucking mother, twice.

Agnès Mateus, Barcelona 1967. She studied Journalism and theatre simultaneously, until she entered the world of performance under the aegis of Txiqui Barraondo and Manuel Lillo in Barcelona. She then combined drama and dance studies. Her career gained definition in 2006, when the Colectivo General Eléctrica was created. Agnés was a core member of this group and worked with them until its dissolution eight years later. Performer and multidisciplinary artist, she has worked with Juan Navarro, Roger Bernat, Rodrigo García and Simona Levi, and continues to collaborate with some of them on various projects.

Quim Tarrida, Barcelona 1967. Visual artist primarily, but also a multidisciplinary artist with neopop aesthetic influenced by conceptual art. He began drawing comics in the mid 80s, creating his own universe (Mundo Subcutáneo). Aside from artistic work linked to music and performance, he also produces photographs, videos, and other two- and three-dimensional art in which he establishes links with the universe of lost childhood, with a fascination for toys, for what is organic, for comics. Tarrida works in the grey area between the playful element of ersatz children’s toys and weaponry, highlighting the thin line that separates each reality from the other. Lately, part of his work has had more to do with sound art, contemporary music and sound actions, notably concerts in which he uses electronic musical toys.


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