May 30th

A.C.A.T.S. (Collective Audio-visual Association for Social Transformation)

Poble Rebel

Documen- tary
Wednesday May 30th - 7:30pm
Duration: 95' documentary + 30' post-screening debate
Tickets: 6 euros ONLINE // BOX OFFICE

Documentary launch

Direction, production, screenwriting, and photography: Damià Puig
Production, screenwriting, editing and film soundtrack: Sergi Fàbregas
Direction assistance and contents consultancy: Estibáliz García
Executive production, writing, and correction of texts: Elm Puig
Design and animation: Daniel Soms and Tomás Navarro
Consultancy and social networks monitoring: Anna Coll
Subtitling and community management during the crowdfunding process: Laura Humet


Launch of the Poble Rebel documentary: screening followed by a Q&A with the director, producer, contents consultant and some of the actors.

“There exists a dissident and combative Catalunya, which resists and survives beneath the official storyline. It is a Catalunya where, since the time of the fraudulent Transition, disobedience and self-organisation in the face of poverty have been tangible, as have the methods of repression used to eradicate them. Poble Rebel sets out to investigate it, with a close-up lens focused on the last four decades: we set out in 1974 with the assassination of Puig Antich, and end up, having passed through the so-called ‘economic crisis’ of 2008, in the current struggles, analysing their political, economic, social and cultural contexts.”

A.C.A.T.S. (Associació Col·lectiva Audiovisual per a la Transformació Social) is a recently founded cultural and non-profit organisation based in Girona that appeared at the same time as the Poble Rebel documentary. Some of the collective’s objectives are: to make and distribute audiovisual productions with social and cultural purposes; to promote and support people and other organisations trying to develop this kind of project; to exhibit and promote public screenings of the audiovisual creations made; and to set up educational and training spaces.

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