September 21st & 22nd



Saturday, September 21st at 8pm
Sunday, September 22nd at 8pm
Duration: 55 min
Tickets: 12 euros ONLINE // 15 euros BOX OFFICE

Creation: Sandra Gómez
Performers: Javi Vela and Sandra Gómez
Soundscape: Javi Vela
Sound assistant: Paco Fuentes
Lights: Diego Sánchez
Collaborating: Vicente Arlandis

With support from Valencian Institute of Culture (IVAC), Valencia City Council, Teatro Pradillo (Madrid) and Antic Teatre (Barcelona)

Thanks to Laura Laborda, Carme Teatre and Espai Pont Flotant

Project shortlisted for Circula! Tren de creación y formación en danza 2018 (APDVC)



Moving the body to one side, taking away its importance. Sound and light as the central objects on stage, rather than the body. Space, its reverberations, and the elements within it in close-up, relegating the body to the background. The suspension in time of events as master of the scene and the body no longer central, the body to one side. A body that allows things to “pass” and that suspends itself in time without resistance.

A work that explores both the possibilities of narrative and the creation of environments offered by sound and light; an exercise inviting a transition from sight to hearing and from hearing to sight.

Sandra Gómez. Holds a Masters degree in Artistic Production from the Valencia Fine Arts Faculty, with a specialisation in Contemporary Thought and Visual Culture. She also has a degree in Dramatic Arts and extensive training in contemporary dance. Since 2001 she has worked with Vicente Arlandis in the LOSQUEQUEDAN collective, and since 2012 she has been working independently on projects focusing on the body and movement: Tot per l´aire (Bilbao, 2018), Heartbeat (Valencia, 2017), No soy yo (Valencia, 2016) and The love thing piece (Madrid, 2013) among others. She has also taken part in projects by other artists such as Cuerpo gozoso se eleva ligero by Vicente Arlandis (Madrid, 2019) and Estoy pensando en Tortugas by Claudia Faci (Madrid, 2018).

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