September 5-8

Cinema Sticado

--STRPTS // Fin de temporada

Thursday, September 5 at 8pm
Friday, September 6 at 8pm
Saturday, September 7 at 8pm
Sunday, September 8 at 8pm
Duration: 55 min
Tickets: 12 euros ONLINE // 15 euros BOX OFFICE

Performers/puppeteers: Xosel Díez & Helena Varela
Creation: Xosel Díez & Helena Varela
Direction: Xosel Díez
Writing: Julio Fer & Xosel Díez
Dramaturgical advice: Noemi Rodríguez
Drawings: Xabi Varela
Photographer: Mercedes Moralejo

Special thanks: Katja Vetter (NL) (audio-patch slice/jockey)


Two human geeks have to make a film; a jungle is about to disappear; two fugitives wait in an isolated house; a minister and his son are eager for power; and in the middle of it all … a briefcase.

Cinema Sticado collective continues to play with its analog&digital paraphernalia to create, with intrigue, humour and magic, an adventure that revolves around manipulation and power, and the possibility of fighting them.

We use puppets and objects, we create live video images and sounds, and we prioritise the human performance by making the object manipulators show themselves as the actors of a meta-plot that reinforces the central theme and serves to consolidate that feeling that we the citizenry are a troupe of puppets manipulated by those who pull the strings.

Interested in new narrative languages, the collective was founded in 2015 with the aim of exploring the expressive possibilities that arise at the boundaries between theatre and cinema, in combination with digital tools to create and edit movies live.
Their aim, in the first place, is to give a face and obvious function to the elements of live performance, and, secondly, to keep a fiction going that the spectators, although aware of how it’s being generated, cannot escape. The core group consists of Xosel Díez, engineer and audiovisual artist, and Helena Varela, theatrical and cinema actress.

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