Festival INFLUX 2021
[vídeo a escena]
November 28th, 2021

L’autèntica & Jordi Teixidó

Oh, uh, ah, ei! Terra·Aire·Foc·Aigua

Sunday, November 28th at 12 am
Duration: 40 min
Tickets: 5€ kids / 7€ adults ONLINE & BOX OFFICE

PACK 2+2 (2 adults, 2 kids): 20 €
PACK 1+1 (1 adult, 1 kid): 10 €
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Recommended age: 1 to 6 Y/O

Original idea: Verónica Palliini

Creation: Jordi Teixidó

Music: Santi Vilanova

Voices: Biel and Miranda Teixidó

A L’autèntica Production with the support of the Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya.




An audiovisual installation. A playful journey through the elements of nature.

A collective experience where we share, play and dance!

Did you know that water wets and air is transparent? That fire provides heat and light? And that earth can be rugged or smooth? You can even plant broccoli in the earth! Once upon a time there were four natural elements who played together and made life possible using sounds, colours and textures. If you’d like to find out where butterflies fly, where flowers are planted and what the rain sounds like, come and submerge yourself with us so we can go on the journey together.

L’autèntica is a theatre and film school, exhibition hall, producer and project lab. It emerged from the PORTA4 project, in existence in Barcelona for the previous 14 years.

L’autèntica shapes, creates, produces and exhibits performance and cinematographic arts.

L’autèntica consists of a team of highly recognised professionals and has a lengthy trajectory both in the fields of performance and cinema and in education.

Verónica Pallini.

Doctor of Social Anthropology from Barcelona University, actor, teacher and theatrical researcher. She also holds a degree in Social Anthropology from Buenos Aires University, and a Masters in Cultural Management from Barcelona University. Specialising in theatrical teaching, she explores different creation techniques associated with expressive and therapeutic work. She has taught theatrical education at institutions and universities since 1993. In 2006 she founded La Escuelita, a Theatrical Training Studio in Barcelona, and is now the director of L’autèntica, previously Porta4 and a continuation of the initial project, now expanded to an advanced training school that includes an exhibition auditorium. At the same time, she teaches at universities and has published numerous articles on theatrical and cultural dynamics. She has complemented her training with acting and theatrical directing.

Jordi Teixidó

He has worked in a range of activities to do with audiovisuals and performance arts, including acting, collaborating in the direction of dance shows and writing texts for performances and scripts for children’s TV shows.

He directs his own videos as well as others for arts and cultural entities.

He has worked for television channels, institutions and individuals, promoting dance, circus and theatre shows as well as other cultural events.

He has written scripts for children’s show Mic (Televisió de Catalunya) and has recorded and edited short pieces for the same programme. He has also developed a range of mappings for unusual locations, always with the aim of creating family-friendly content.

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