Mejor Teatre Time Out Barcelona 2021 Award [more info]

In a year marked by the restrictions of the pandemic, the Antic Teatre has continued to bet on talent and risk, with first-rate shows such as Those who must not die and other delicacies that also surround the world. It is, as if that weren’t enough, a threatened space that should be cared for as the most precious jewel.


XXII Premis de la Crítica d’Arts Escèniques 2019: Antic Teatre. Best Theatre Venue.

Antic Teatre, in the Sant Pere neighbourhood, a few steps away from the Palau de la Mùsica Catalana, is one of Barcelona’s better-known centres of cultural resistance. In its 17 years it has been the launching pad and supporting structure for the best contemporary performance creation in Catalonia. The theatre, with Semolina Tomic at the helm since it was first established, plays a vital role in the cultural infrastructure of our city; now, it is at grave risk of disappearing because of ongoing gentrification and real estate speculation.

In recognition of its indisputable trajectory and its commitment to creation and community, always applying the principles of equality, sustainability, and high artistic standards, the jury of the Performance Arts Critics’ Award has selected Antic Teatre as the winner for Best Theatre Venue.


QUÈFEM? 2019 AWARD for The Best Theatre in Catalonia.
“Antic Teatre is a flagship for independent live arts in Barcelona. While supporting experimentation, risk-taking and innovation in performance, it has managed to integrate its cultural project into the local community.”

The Antic Teatre team received the DANSACAT 2014 AWARD “For all their work with and commitment to professionals in the dance and Performance Arts sectors. For their dedication to programming and providing visibility to experimental creations and new performance languages. For being the only alternative venue that represents, takes risks, and provides continued support to independent creators, offering visibility and residencies. For listening to the needs of the sector and searching for working formulas, providing a programming that is both varied and coherent.”

– Antic Teatre received the award for most innovative programming in spain from the HUESCA INTERNATIONAL THEATRE AND DANCE FAIR 2004.

Semolinika Tomic received the SEBASTIÀ GASCH FAD AWARD 2004 for “[…] recovering the Antic Teatre, transforming it from an abandoned civic centre into a live stage for contemporary creation, and for the cultural and artistic benefits of recovering said venue.”


Companies and artists’ AWARDS AND PRIZES:

– Roger Peláez received the TIME OUT AWARD 2018 for best radical talent.

– Sociedad Doctor Alonso received the SEBASTIÀ GASCH FAD AWARD 2018 for Y los huesos hablaron.

– Agnès Mateus i Quim Tarrida received various awards for Rebota, rebota y en tu cara explota (2017):

  • BUTACA AWARD 2018 for New Performance contributions.
  • DRAMA CRITICS PRIZE 2017 for best show, new performance trends. 

– Carla Rovira received the SEBASTIÀ GASCH FAD AWARD 2016 for their new creation Most of all, you have to hide it from the chicks.

– Associació Nyam Nyam received the SEBASTIÀ GASCH FAD APPLAUSE AWARD 2016.

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