July 24-28



L'Antic al GREC 2019
Wednesday, July 24 at 8pm
Thursday, July 25 at 8pm
Friday, July 26 at 8pm
Saturday, July 27 at 8pm
Sunday, July 28 at 8pm
Duration: 60 min
Tickets: 12 euros ONLINE // 15 euros BOX OFFICE

An Antic Teatre proposal with the support of Grec 2019 Festival of Barcelona

Idea, text, creation, performance by Soren Evinson
Music by Daniel Papell
Artistic Accompaniment by Florine Lindner
Costume by Samara Scott
Construction of objects for stage by Charlie Hope
Light design by Julia Bauer
Production Advisor: Marine Budin

Coproduction by Festival TNT (Terrassa), Antic Teatre (Barcelona), Le Phénix Valenciennes Pôle européen de création à Valenciennes /coopération internationale (France), and Kulturfabrik (Luxembourg)

With the support of Graner–Mercat de les Flors, Konvent.0, L’Estruch. Fàbrica de creació de les arts en viu, Enjòlit and Generalitat de Catalunya



A NATION IS BORN IN ME seizes the encounter between performer and audience, transforming our presence into a slippery battlefield. And by piercing that encounter, an irreplaceable form is constructed. Something that defuses all resistance. Something impossible to fight against. Something worth surrendering to.

In the light of a resurfacing and progressive strengthening of Nationalist and Identitarian movements in the 21st Century, A Nation Is Born In Me extracts dynamics that operate in such movements and blends them together with identity politics, media culture, sport culture, spirituality, brutality and hyper-presence, provoking an uncanny closeness between these aesthetics. Through the different presentations of the body, text, music, singing and objects, A NATION IS BORN IN ME builds an intense and delusional landscape in which these apparently disconnected dynamics strengthen each other in a very direct, albeit uncertain rapport to the audience.

Soren Evinson studies at Institut del Teatre of Barcelona and completes his MA studies in performance at Central School of Speech and Drama (University of London). He lives in London for 6 years. There he develops his practice collaborating with many artists and showing in various non-conventional spaces. A Nation Is Born In Me is his first solo performance.

Through body, text, and space Soren Evinson generates situations that speculate on different power structures with an interest in making any discourse untraceable. His work blends choreographic materials with spoken and sung vocals to create direct and delusional performances with a provocative relation to the audience. He conjugates sound, text, movement and space so they interact forming live organisms. His work has been presented internationally in dance, performance and theatre festivals, art galleries, abandoned buildings and public squares.

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