December 7 & 8


Exhibition of the solos created during the research workshop on Performance Integration led by Semolina Tomic (work in progress)

Saturday, December 7th at 8pm
Sunday, December 8th at 8pm
Duration: 60 min
Tickets: 5 euros ONLINE & BOX OFFICE

Exhibition of movement solos
Work in progress

Isabel Berlanga
Aurora Caja
Beatriz Barreiro
Cristian Gómez
Augustí Margarit
Francesca Viana

Accompanied by: Semolina Tomic

In line with Antic Teatre’s philosophy of experimental performance, this week’s programme will be dedicated to the exhibition of six works-in-progress resulting from the Research Workshop in Performance Integration led by Semolina Tomic as part of the Festival Escena Poblenou 2019.

The six soloists will share the results of their individual explorations inspired by the combination of two basic axes: Dynamic meditation and performative action (using tools from performance, theatre and movement).

The basis of the practice is the interrelation of all types of energy in the body – physical, mental and emotional. In order to construct the solos, the creators go through an intense physical preparation, necessary in order to genuinely investigate the performance material from a complete awareness of one’s own work and the work of others. In this sense, the encounter with the audience is another key moment in the practice, as much for those doing it as for those who “do it by looking”.

Semolina Tomic is the stage name of Julijana Tomic Fajdetic, multidisciplinary artist and creator. Born in Osijek (Croatia) in 1966, she has lived in Barcelona since 1985. She trained in performance and dance at the Osijek Theatre Institute (Croatia), in classic and contemporary dance at La Fábrica (Barcelona) and in dance and Alexander Technique at the School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam (Netherlands). She has also trained in music, specifically percussion, with Carlos Buira “Boliche” (drummer for hardcore punk band Subterranean Kids) in Barcelona.

Between 1989 and 1994 Semolina played drums with hardcore punk band POPPINS, cutting three records. During the same period she took part in several performances, either solos or in collaboration with other artists. Beteen 1995 and 2003 she was performer, choreographer and creator with Catalan company LA FURA DELS BAUS, although by 1999 she had started her own company, Semolinika Tomic ( In 2003 on leaving La Fura, she founded Antic Teatre Espai de Creació in Barcelona ( and has been artistic director since then.

Since 2016, Semolina has been on tour with Societat Doctor Alonso’s show Anarchy, which premiered at Festival TNT Terrassa in September 2016, and which has received rave reviews:

“Anarchy is such a necessary show that it should be required viewing for everyone, a kind of performative Our Father” (Recomana)

“A performance that will not leave you unmoved” (La Directa)

“Tomic is an expressive dynamo, a performer who should be paid more attention” (

“Something good had to emerge as a matter of course from the joining of Societat Doctor Alonso with the creator and alma mater of Antic Teatre, Semolina Tomic; and Anarchy is the living proof.” (Núvol)

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