November 12-15, 2020


# JUANA DOLORES # * massa diva per a un moviment assembleari *

Thursday, November 12th at 8pm
Friday, November 13th at 8pm
Saturday, November 14th at 8pm
Sunday, November 15th at 8pm
Duration: 75 min
Tickets: 12 euros ONLINE // 15 euros BOX OFFICE

>>> SOLD OUT <<<

Author (performance, dramaturgy, direction): JUANA DOLORES

Political consultants: Josemi Gutiérrez, Kevin Guerrero

Sound design: Sofía A. Martori

Lighting design: CONRADO PARODI

Design and edition of the song list: SANDY MOLDAVIA


Co-production: Teatre Kaddish, Antic Teatre

Thanks to: Centre Cívic Can Felipa, Antic Teatre, Festival TNT


# JUANA DOLORES # * massa diva per a un moviment assembleari * (too much Diva for an assembly movement) is a performance solo that, starting from the decontextualisation of ideology, symbology, and Marxist-Leninist terminology, shows the pain of the individual within the community as the desire to be socially and culturally sexualised; as a confession; as a declaration of love.

I don’t believe in excuses. Making excuses is for cowards and traitors. I make an effort to keep suspecting the forest – there, in the distance / from on the scaffolding. However, a golden wind and my feet hesitate / and my tongue hesitates / and my pride hesitates: my stupid lack of balance launching me against the ideology that supports me.”

Juana Dolores (1992, El Prat de Llobregat) is the daughter of Andalusian immigrants to Catalonia. She is founder and co-ordinator of cybernetic device @HYBRIS.VIRAL

through which, together with artist Sandy Moldavia, she develops curatorships in the post-internet era. # JUANA DOLORES # * massa diva per a un moviment assembleari * (2019 -2020) is her first theatrical piece and she is currently working on the second, * HIT ME IF I’M PRETTY * o Vladimir Maiakovski es va suïcidar per amor (2020 – 2021).

She also tackles the limits of video and poetry, as can be seen in her latest audiovisual piece LIMPIEZA (2020). She has just been awarded the 56th Amadeu Oller prize for Catalan poetry for her anthology Bijuteria.

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