June 20-22



Thursday, June 20 at 8pm
Friday, June 21 at 8pm
Saturday, June 22 at 8pm
Duration: 45 min
Tickets: 12 euros ONLINE // 15 euros BOX OFFICE

Original Idea: Grupo Rotonda
Direction: Gabriela Barberio
Performers: Carolina Charol Stefano, Milagros García Salguero, Davinia Descals
Visuals and phptpgraphy: Tristán Perez Martín and Magui Pichinini
Original Music:Romina D’Angelo


Attracted by the influences of the capital of the East, Tokyo, we dare to get under the skin of some of the aesthetic aspects that sensitise us and prompt us to make them the focus of our creative traits. Hence, a meeting of eras, cultures and locations, linking and bringing closer different worlds and genres to give life to a moment of visual poetics, from our perspective of the times and as women.

Japanese culture reached us filtered through film, music, myths, etc., and without digging too deeply, we allow it to affect us and manifest itself through our language, movement, music and image. This generates meeting points: time – women – transgression – and within these, tradition, the inevitable, the essence, submission and manipulation, beauty and magic, struggle, passion, urbanism, future.

Three women embodying these worlds, coexisting with a visual development that uses objects and video projections to open the doors to fantasy and the sensations of these three worlds.

A path; nature; beliefs; excess; meat; war; technology. A living installation of bodies, images and sounds, composing moments on stage that touch us with their magic, emotion and present life.

Gaby Barberio Director and Choreographer
Argentine dancer, choreographer, actress and teacher.
Member of independent Argentinian company El Descueve since 1990 as author, creator and performer. Choreographer of numerous plays, feature films and advertising. Her training, mainly in Argentina (Teatro Municipal Gral. San Martín) and added to by international masters, covers different techniques including contemporary dance, martial arts, acrobatics, yoga, theatre, and contact-improvisation. She has been living in Barcelona since 2006 ​​where she teaches, creates and directs.
At present she is the director of independent performance creation group Rotonda in Barcelona, a member of Argentine Cia El Descueve, and choreographer for Carlus Padrissa’s projects with La Fura del Baus. 

Carolina Charol Stefano. Dancer and Performer
Argentine artist and dancer, she currently lives in Barcelona, where she works as a dancer, performer, model and Yoga instructor. In 2016 she created her YogaFusión company in the city of Montgat.
She has worked as an artist for La Fura Dels Baus on a variety of projects, most recently in Thamos, directed by Carlus Padrussa and premiered in Salzburg, Austria in 2019.
Dancer with and co-founder of the Rotonda Group; dancer and performer in Subjunctive Mode by the Romina D’Angelo company, with functions in Barcelona, Spain and Fortaleza, Brazil. 

Milagros García Salgueiro. Dancer and Interpreter
Born in Buenos Aires in 1993, she graduated in Dancing Methods and Techniques at the Provincial University of Córdoba, Argentina, receiving the Scholarship for Academic Merit. Since 2016 she has been living in Barcelona, ​​where she takes part in different artistic projects as a dancer: ReMouTe by APDC and at the Fenòmens Festival with Tango by Cía LaCerda, among others.
She is founder and performer of La Banca Mecha/contemporary dance and a member and co-founder of the Rotonda Group. She recently created her first piece as director, You will fall all you have to fall, which premiered at La Nau Bostik, and is responsible for the production of a monthly improvisation and experimental performance cycle called If Tuesdays were Fridays.

Davínia Descals. Dancer and interpreter
Dancer-interpreter-choreographer born in Catalonia. Her training in Barcelona, London and Los Angeles is basically based on hip hop dance and contemporary dance. Training in theatre too. Interpreter of the company. La Taimada in the work El Octavo Día, directed by Olga Álvarez.  Currently director, choreographer and dancer of Colectivo El Brote with the creation of her two works Quebradas y imperfectas and Sin Vergüenzas, also from Col·lectiu Hàbitat with the piece Nusos that is (des) fan. Dancer from the independent creation group “Rotonda”.

Romina D’Angelo. Dancer, choreographer, musician (drums), teacher.
She studied her career as a dancer in Argentina and perfected in the United States after having worked for some of the most important companies in her country and participated in numerous experiences where she linked her work to the world of fashion, television, cinema and advertising. . He is currently developing his solo career creating his own dance, video art and music pieces. Collaborate with artists, groups and companies such as drummer, composer or performer. Performs research work between movement, sound and image.

Tristán Pérez Martín. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Graduated from the School of Photographic Art Avellaneda (Buenos Aires, 1999). He was apprenticed to experienced photographers in Argentina before traveling for a year, exploring documentaries and travel photography. Based in Barcelona, he has been part of the Finmatun Cultural Association, where he directs workshops and projects on music, video, photography and dance in prisons (2006-2014). Since 2007 she specializes in performing arts photography, and in 2010 performing arts video. Collaborates BIDE (Barcelona International Dance Exchange) as photographer and videographer (2012-2019) and La Caldera de Barcelona. Founding member of the Sonora City platform, he collaborates in the creation of music videos. In the last ten years, he has worked and collaborated with different dancers, choreographers, festivals, theaters and cultural institutions in Barcelona, Spain, Europe and more recently in North America in the cities of New York and Newfoundland.

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