March 31 - April 3, 2022

Francesca Viana

Funky Chicken

Thursday, March 31st at 8 pm
Friday, April 1st at 8 pm
Saturday, April 2nd at 8 pm
Sunday, April 3rd at 8 pm
Duration: 50 min
Tickets: Tickets, soon
12 euros ONLINE // 15 euros BOX OFFICE

Concept, creation and performance: Francesca Viana

Dramaturgy: Francesca Viana

Dramaturgy assitance: Ignacio Martínez Sampil

Direction: Ignacio Martínez Sampil and Melina Pereyra

Lighting design: Artur Díaz Barbagli

Audio production: Ivan Santa


Funky Chicken is one of the numerous names used to describe self-asphyxiation games, the deliberate pursuit of unconsciousness and of a kind of instant disappearance. What hides behind the desire to vanish, and how does this manifest in our daily lives? What links the desire to disappear with exhibition and performance? This work delves into all these questions from the stage, and in so doing creates a very personal (non)fiction providing minimalist emptiness and, at the same time, explosive physicality and visuals. A work of contrasts that anchors its essence in the unstable and the divergent, and which allows room for Swedish pop stars, rubber dolls and galactic capes, among other oddities. 

Francesca Viana is an actress and performance creator. Her work is characterised by a marked autobiographical and personal slant, recreated on stage through chameleonic and frantic (non)fictions seasoned with generous helpings of the absurd and grotesque. 

Her training in performance arts followed a somewhat unusual and diverse path, and she has dipped in here and there, always propelled by her perpetually changing interests. Her creations include Give Me a Whiskey, a solo piece directed by Palma Morena Greco, and La Piel de las Mujeres, co-created with Raúl Quirós Molina, both performed as one-woman shows. Funky Chicken, her latest solo creation, first emerged from a performance workshop given by Semolina Tomic. At present she is finishing the creation of Creando Malvas, a physical theatre/dance piece, together with aerialist Lola Galeote.

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