December 31st


Tuesday 31st December at 00:30 am.
Tickets: ADVANCED: 20 euros (drinks included) (Sell: at Antic Teatre BAR) /// AT THE BOX OFFICE, DURING THE PARTY: 25 euros (drink not included)


This 31st of December Barcelona will groove to the beat of electronic music in Antic Teatre, at the hands of Dj Carles López (VChavales), Dj Baroxmix (Piatto Forte) and Spy Dj (Electroclub), accompanied with visual sessions by Melanie Wifi visuals. This is the 15th edition of our mythical New Year’s Eve party.

Just as in previous years, Antic Teatre’s club night is selected by many as the best option to bring in the New Year in the very heart of Barcelona (Casc Antic/Born area) at a reasonable price (tickets 20€).

Antic Teatre´s electronica extravaganza will run from half past midnight until dawn, with electro-experimental, techno-electro, underground and funky electro sounds and unique visual sessions. As well as a dance hall with Dj set and bar, the space has a large garden terrace.

::::::: LINE-UP :::::::

Baromix (Piatto Forte) DJ



Over the years in Berlin Dj Barox has made a name for himself, in particular for his Italo-disco and eclectic disco selections for the local/Berliner and international communities.

He has been guest DJ at Bergain and many other venues, renowned and recognised for his special grooving flavour and his ability to combine the different facets of disco/electro music.



Carlazz (Venga Chavales) DJ

Barcelona-born musician, producer and DJ Carlazz has performed in over 40 countries at all kinds of events including clubs and festivals: Sónar (Barcelona, New York), Sziget Festival-(Budapest), Ars Electronica (Linz), Microwave Festival (Hong Kong), Big Day Out (Sydney), Red Bull Academy (Oporto), Ushuaia Beach Club (Ibiza) and at the MTV Awards / EMA Europe 2011 (Belfast). He has composed music for Alejandro González Iñarritu (Babel, Amores Perros), Sol Picó Cía de Danza, Antúnez and Sergi Faustino.

He is part of Reactable Systems, working on the development of Reactable and, as its main musician, performing on the instrument all over the world. Carles has also contributed to the creation of Samplr, a cutting-edge musical instrument designed for iPad, as consultant during the development and production of demo sounds and music.

SPY DJ (Electroclub) DJ

A regular on Barcelona’s electronica scene, he is known for his constant efforts in disseminating electro for almost two decades. He began spinnning in public in 2001 and since then has had his sessions programmed at countless clubs, both national and international, and at the Electroclub parties he organised; parties that evolved as a collective to later become a netlabel.

In 2017, Spy created the Útil Records label together with Vema Diodes and María MS, from where they have cut electro, techno and ebm. Despite only having 3 published items, the label has positioned itself well, gaining favourable acceptance and positive feedback from listeners, and continuing with its mission to boost electro and promote its treasured tool of choice, the vinyl record.

Towards the end of 2019 he released mini album Novo Area under the alias he invariably uses when composing and producing tracks: The Bandit.

Melanie Wifi VJ

Carolina Cabrerizo, inquisitive, multidisciplinary artist, hides under the name Melanie Wifi. Dirtied images, glitch, interaction with audio… are fused live giving rise to a chaotic visual drift of exquisite aesthetic sensibility. Val del Omar, Dziga Vertov, May Ellen Bute, Pedro Maia and Weirdcore are just some of her admired models. She has collaborated with and worked on joint experiences with fine artists, poets, musicians, djs, and theatre and dance companies.

You may have seen her in Flux 2016’s Videocapsa at Arts Santa Mònica with a piece on forgetting and memory; at the Guarrantinas sessions at the Centre d’Art Mutuo with her detournement pornovisual; at the Sala Hiroshima with the creation of a dark and poetic visualisation for DYSTONIA’s new record; at the Nau Bostik generating psychodelia live for Murcian band BOSCO; at the Festival Influx 2019 at Antic Teatre with Refúgiense, ya nadie está a salvo, a project undertaken together with artist ZOZOBRA; at Hangar with her personal project HYPNAGOGIA & VCH; at the Recorreguts Sonors, Accions I Mutacions Sonores 2019 accompanied by Austrian duo CANNED FIT & PETEK GMBH at the Sant Agustí Convent Community Centre; or improvising at the crazy Jams Musicopoètiques of EL PUMAREJO.

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