December 12-15

Col·lectiu LAS HUECAS


Thursday, December 12th at 8pm
Friday, December 13th at 8pm
Saturday, December 14th at 8pm
Sunday, December 15th at 8pm
Duration: 50 min
Tickets: 12 euros ONLINE // 15 euros BOX OFFICE

Doer: Esmeralda Colette
Doer: Andrea Pellejero
Doer: Júlia Barbany
Dramaturgy: Núria Corominas
Sound design, lighting design and technician: Sofía Ana Martori
Space design and costume design: Oriol Corral
Multimedia: Úrsula Comendador
Choreographer: Ana Leitão
Photo: Roc Pont
Video: Andrea Cuéllar
Wardrobe design and creation: Oriol Corral and Llorenç Balaguer

Territorial research collaboration: Equipo TUDANZAS

Making of masks: Halley Productions

Thanks to Estudi Hukot and Kasal jove de Roquetes

In what measure does Barcelona’s Olympic event relate to the future projects and speeches that, when we were little — in the boom of the welfare society — meant our lives? What connects the body of a girl born in the year ’92 to the instrumentalisation of a whole city? How do we girls born in the happiest decade ever live in the Barcelona of 2018?

The research process for the territory, in this case, the “Casc Antic”, will take place in collaboration with the TUDANZAS team and at the same time as the piece is reviewed. This new version includes the presentation of demo CD No som un grup by Les Buides, the musical alter ego of Las Huecas. You can purchase your copy after the show.

Las Huecas Collective was born in the spring of 2016 with the aim of carrying out collective performance constructions. Calling ourselves a collective is not just a title but a starting point and an artistic and political position. Technicians, actresses, illustrators, performers, directors, camerawomen, stage designers and dramatists understand creation as a process in constant transition and we work with fiction, documentary and performative action.

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