September 19


El pueblo contra Antonio Arias & Fernando Alfaro

Thursday, September 19 at 8pm
Duration: 120 min
Tickets: 12 euros ONLINE // 15 euros BOX OFFICE
Sold Out

Antonio Arias: music and vocals
Fernando Alfaro: music and vocals
Miguel Ángel Blanca: script and direction

Arias and Alfaro were destined to meet. From the same generation – Fernando is a year older, but Antonio started earlier, as a teenager, as the founding bass player for 091 – both of them have of late shown a tendency to review their 30-year long careers. Three decades. We’re talking about two solid characters, each with his own unique and irresistible creative aura. Fernando Alfaro, the Biblical scribe, signed the New Testament of alternative rock; Antonio Arias, in turn, introduced the visionary flashes and the dystopian collage that postmodernity couldn’t. Additionally, both of them have woven their way through every facet of the music industry, from multinationals to the strictest self-management.

For this reason, this unique conjunction on stage will provide a joint exercise in catharsis. Two intense biographies, face to face. Their successes, their suicides, their falls and rises. Two paragons of Spanish music, directed on stage by Miguel Ángel Blanca. Luxury!

It was two bands from the provinces that revitalised the music scene in Spain at the end of the 80s. Lagartija Nick and Surfin’ Bichos, from Granada and Albacete, survived their lost generation fate and became the hinge – along with others that never rose higher than ground level, such as Cancer Moon or Los Bichos – for the 90s indie explosion. At this stage, no-one questions Antonio Arias and Fernando Alfaro’s status as parents of indie in this country. They created a community and led the way for all the bands that followed. They also introduced a decisive sound: finally, there was someone in Spain following in the charged wake of Sonic Youth, The Stooges or Spacemen 3.

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