18 to 21 & 25 to 28 January & 1 to 4 February


Rebota rebota y en tu cara explota

Thursday 18 & 25 January & 1 February at 9pm.
Friday 19 & 26 January & 2 February at 9pm.
Saturday 20 & 27 January & 3 February at 9pm.
Sunday 21 & 28 January & 4 February at 9pm.

On Friday 19th there will be an AFTER SHOW TALK organised by Agost Produccions

>>> February 28th - SOLD OUT <<<
Duration: 60 min
Tickets: 12 euros ONLINE & BOX OFFICE

Rebota Rebota y en tu cara explota is a performance project by Agnés Mateus and Quim Tarrida.

Devised and directed by: Agnés Mateus and Quim Tarrida
Performer: Agnés Mateus
Light design: Carles Borràs
Soundscape and audiovisuals: Quim Tarrida
Technical team: Carles Borràs i Quim Tarrida
Technical assistant: Ignasi Bosch

Guests: Pablo Domichovsk and Ismael Mengual
Fotography: Quim Tarrida 

Rebota Rebota y en tu cara explota premiered at Festival TNT on September 30, 2017.

It is a joint production between Festival TNT (Terrassa Noves Tendències) 2017, Antic Teatre (Barcelona) and Konvent (Berga).

With support from: La Poderosa, Nau Ivanow and Teatre La Massa (Vilassar de Dalt).

Special thanks to: Gabriela Oyarzabal, Semolinika Tomic, Bcn Props, Feminicidio.net, CUBE, Conrado and Martí Soler, the Konvent family, Maria Mateus, Isma Mengual, Carles Fígols. Teatre La Massa (Vilassar de Dalt)


Life should blow up in our faces more often…

Women have been murdered at the rate of two a week for the past 10 years and as women we still have to defend and justify ourselves to the people who listen to us. But let’s not forget to hold a minute of silence outside the town hall after every death.

We go out and celebrate football in our hundreds of thousands. We eat the plastic we throw into the stomachs of the fish that we have for supper. We sell each other our flats and apartments at prices we couldn’t afford ourselves and then we campaign against tourism. Our friends have become politicians and now live in offices.

We women don’t “lose” our lives; we are murdered. Let’s start by calling things by their proper name.

We need to lose our fear of words such as murder, suicide, death, pisstake, dry shit, metastasis, leukemia, baldness, fatness, spots, hemorrhoids, poo, choking, disdain, abortion, euthanasia, polygamy, wombs for rent, adultery, vomit, dry snot, colonoscopy and love.

We should talk about our apathy, about the actions of the little people that are changing the world bit by bit, about our abandonment, about the hope that remains, about love, about lack of love, about my despotism that no one knows about but some have to suffer, about violence, about my violence, about your violence…

….life should blow up in our faces more often.

Agnés Mateus, Barcelona 1967.
Performer and multidisciplinary artist, she has worked with Juan Navarro, Roger Bernat, Rodrigo García and Simona Levi, and continues to collaborate with some of them on various projects. She studied Journalism and theatre simultaneously, until she entered the world of performance under the aegis of Txiqui Barraondo and Manuel Lillo in Barcelona. She then combined drama and dance studies. Her career gained definition in 2006, when the Colectivo General Eléctrica was created. Agnés was a core member of this group and worked with them until its dissolution eight years later.

Quim Tarrida, Barcelona 1967.
A multidisciplinary artist working from a neopop aesthetic but with a definite influences from the legacy of conceptual art. He began drawing comics in the mid 80s, creating his own universe (Mundo Subcutáneo). Aside from artistic work linked to music and performance, he also produces photographs, videos, and other two- and three-dimensional art in which he establishes links between the universe of lost childhood, his fascination for toys, life and comics. Tarrida works on the borderline between the playful element of ersatz children’s toys and actual weaponry, highlighting the grey area that separates each reality from the other.

In recent years part of his work has also dealt with contemporary music and sound actions. In this field he is known for concerts in which he uses electronic musical toys.


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