March 1 to 4


Lo.Li.Ta - Death

Thursday 1 March - 21:00
Friday 2 March - 21:00
Saturday 3 March - 21:00
Sunday 4 March - 20:00

This piece is staged as part of:
"La Quinzena. Festival Metropolità de Dansa"
Duration: 30 + 20 min
Tickets: 10 euros ONLINE // 12 euros BOX OFFICE

Concept and Direction: Olga Alvarez and Jordi Cabestany
Performers: Morgane Viennet, Olga Alvarez // Angie Mas, Jordi Cabestany
Photographer: Nora Baylach // Alessia Bombacci
Video: Jordi Cabestany
Music: SHOEG-Carlos Martorell
Production: La Taimada
Audiovisual producer: Jordi Cabestany /Centset

Lo.Li.Ta: Balla’m un llibre Apdc, servei municipal de Biblioteques Públiques de catalunya, ICEC, Generelitat de catalunya Dept de Cultura 2017

Death: Artistic Project in Residence at La Caldera, 2015. Residence at L’Estruch, 2016.  Residence at the CND, 2014. Ajuntament de Vilafranca (Vilafranca City Council) 2015

LO.LI.TA: “The tip of the tongue taking a trip of three steps down the palate to tap, at three, on the teeth.” Lolita. Vladimir Nabókov.

Lolita, the one we all think of when pronouncing that name, is written with three painful syllables. Lolita, a diminutive of Dolores, is pronounced with a painful sensuality. A phoneme is a mental image of a sound, and phonemes, as all sounds, lack meaning. Lo.Li.Ta is at the same time signifier and signified, a sound with great capacity for providing images: innocence, objectified beauty and degradation.

DEATH: there are eternal images; an inert body is one of these images. To admire its beauty and observe its unprotectedness makes we who look fragile. Death works with this essence; that of forcing us to look at beauty, fragility and loss.

2004: La Taimada is born with a Kametta Creation Sponsorship to create the solo La Taimada. 2006: Coproduction at Theatre Cal Bolet for Silencio. 2008: EDAC production subsidy for Querida Cenicienta. 2009: Residences at L’Estruch and La Caldera within Las Malqueridas internship, Creaciones al Límite for (M)Alicia. 2010: ConCa sponsorship for (M)Alicia. 2011: Residence at CCBarceloneta for Postmalícia. 2013: Selected at Ventana de Internacionalización de la Danza Catalana (IPAM/Festival Grec) and at “Que dansi qui vulguis” to open the season 2013-14 at Mercat de les Flors de Barcelona with Crash. 2014: Residence at CND. 2015: Residence at Dantzagunea (Sortutakoak). 2015: Residence at La Caldera, les Corts. 2016: Residence at L’Estruch. 2016 artistic direction of Multiples a Site Specífic created for the cia. Impàs in Temporada Ata. (Gerona). 2016 Preview of The Eighth Day at the Antic Teatre. 2017 creation of Lo-Li-Ta within the project Balla’m un llibre (Apdc-Municipal Service of Biblioteques de Catalunya-ICEC-Generalitat de Catalunya). 2017 Premiere of The Eighth Day at the Antic Teatre.

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