This offer applies only to events marked #SocAntic.  Shows within the Antic Teatre at GREC 2018 programme are not included; card carriers will receive a stamp, but rewards will not be redeemable until next season. 

Antic Teatre is, has been and will continue to be a defender of independent arts and culture based on creative freedom. It is an independent venue for live arts, a haven for artists, directors and managers who work tirelessly together to create a common space for creation.

At the same time Antic Teatre is about building, strengthening and developing its neighbourhood, its people and its audience. It goes without saying that theatres would serve no purpose if all the seats were empty every night. It is precisely in the people that fill these seats that the true value of our programming is seen – a real symbiosis.

This year, we at Antic Teatre want to go one step further. We would like to give each spectator a leading role. This is why as of February we will be initiating our #SócAntic campaign. How does it work? Simple: some of the events featured on our usual promotional channels (website, posters, social networks, newsletter, etc.) will be labelled #SócAntic. At the same time we’re introducing the 5+1 card (which you can request at the box office). Regular spectators can have their card stamped at the box office every time they attend a show and when the card is full they will be entitled to a free ticket to any event carrying the #SócAntic hashtag.

The offer is valid only for events marked as #SócAntic.

You’ll find them all on our website, but don’t forget to follow the #SócAntic hashtag on our social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) for additional information and updates.

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